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angura-kei & eroguro
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a n g u r a - k e i

"Angura-kei (アングラ系 Lit. Underground Style) is often classified as sub-genre within visual-kei. However, in actuality, Angura Kei finds its roots way back during the 60's. The word 'Angura' is a Japanese abbreviation of the word 'underground'. The concept was first applied by independent Japanese theatre companies who wanted to create something uniquely Japanese. This was almost a 'counter-culture' movement, with aims to challenge the authenticity of so-called 'traditional' genres as well as the westernization that had swept across Japan since the industrial age. In similarity to EroGuro, themes are often of a sexual nature, though more in response to the free love movements of the 60's."
- taken from wikipedia

welcome to the angura kei community. here you can discuss anything related to angura or eroguro. feel free to introduce yourself when you join! fill out this short survey for fun if you want. ♥

x1: Name: (you can add something about yourself here too)
x2: How did you get into Japanese music?
x3: What got you interested in angura-kei?
x4: What are your favorite angura-kei bands?
x5: What are some of your other favorite band/artists?
x6: Sakurai Ao VS. Onan Spelmermaid:
Who dies in a gasoline fight?

§ respect members
x anyone can admit that angura-kei isn't as easy and acsessable to come by as vk is. try
not to snap on people that may not know as much yet.
§ when posting large images, please use an lj-cut.
x < lj - cut text = " whatever " > remove the spaces < / lj - cut >
§ plugging
x plugging doesn't really bother me. Go a head and plug your stuff but it must be
somehow angura-related and no banners that will fuck up friends pages.
§ the mods
x if you have any questions, feel free to contact them. we don't bite. :3
§ File sharing
x sharing mp3s is allowed, but you gotta delete them after 24 hours so we don't get sued.
Support those poor ass musicians living in their grandparents basements.

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